What if this happened to you because of Jesus?

Many Christians around the world are forced out of their comfort zones and face horrible situations for naming Jesus as Savior.
Here in the U.S., most of us are safe and protected as we live out our faith.
Does that just mean that we're blessed compared to those less fortunate who live in these terrible circumstances?
Or does that mean that we have to show a different kind of courage to voluntarily leave our comfort zones? Is there an equivalent for us in the U.S.?

What if you could
help the hungry and
hurting in the U.S. and
around the world?

What if you could
help more people
hear how much
Jesus loves them?

What if you could
help, in Jesus' name,
stop many of the deaths
of the 29,000 children
under five who die
each day, most from
preventable poverty
conditions, and
most in areas
where they have
no chance to hear
about Jesus?

What if you could do all
this, and it would not cost
you an arm and a leg?

Would you do it?


A Simple Plan

The person who has given you this brochure has left the "comfort zone."
That's because there is something we can do as Christians in the U.S., to help the hungry and hurting in the U.S. and around the world, and to let more people who have never heard of Jesus know how much Jesus loves them.
If we all put a little money together, we soon will have a big enough amount to challenge churches across the U.S. to increase their missions outreach.
The result will be a more faithful church in the U.S.  And we'll be stronger partners for those who suffer in Jesus' name.

What are you asking me to do?

What is scarier to think about:
(a) someone cutting off your arm if you won’t deny Jesus, or
(b) talking to friends about giving money to missions?
For those of us in the U.S., (b) is probably scarier because it's more real.
But that's what we are asking you to do.  We're asking you to be part of a "Discipleship Tree"
(1) Give $48 per year per Christian to support empty tomb®, inc.'s Mission Match®.
(2) Ask three friends to give $48 per year per Christian and ask three of their friends to do the same, and so on.  In this way, the "branches" spread.

What is "Mission Match"?
Mission Match is a project of empty tomb, inc.  Mission Match is putting out a friendly challenge to churches across the U.S.: "Increase your missions giving and we'll match it."
The money donated for Mission Match provides the funds behind this challenge.
Will you step out of
comfort zone and join this Discipleship Tree?
  Contact the person who invited you to let him or her know that you are ready to "branch" out. Or if no one has invited you, email us at (wakegiant@emptytomb.org), Subject: Discipleship Tree, and let us know of your interest.

Past projects that have inspired congregations to apply for matching dollars that helped increase missions giving have include:

You can help expand this friendly challenge to more churches to increase missions giving.
All gifts to empty tomb, inc., marked for "Discipleship Tree", are tax-deductible.

The Discipleship Tree campaign is raising money for
Mission Match®
A project of empty tomb®, inc.
P.O. Box 2404
Champaign, IL 61825-2404


Documentation about the events described at the top:

Pastor beaten: http://www.gfa.org/missionary-dragged-away-at-bus-stop

Sunday school teachers imprisoned: http://www.compassdirect.org/en/display.php?page=news&

Kidnapped child: http://www.compassdirect.org/en/display.php?page=news&